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funcare Ido®Premium face Mask Series 7pc/box★Ido®醫朵®面膜 7枚入


$19.99 $25.00


funcare Ido®Premium face Mask Series 7pc/box

  • Made Of Finest Ingredient
  • Does Not Causes Irritation
  • No Side Effects
  • Safe And Easy To Use
  • Healthy Radiant Skin
  • Whitening & Brightening
  • Anti-aging & Firming
  • Soothing & Calming
  • Deep Moisturizing
  • Long lasting Hydration
  • High Penetration
  • Specially Added with Switzerland Glacier Water
  • Using Premium Japanese Kikoma Hyaluronic Acid

Ido®醫朵®AC-11抗皺活泉面膜 7枚入(25ml/枚)


International Patent CertificationsIdo® Jellyfish Energy Hydrating Mask 7pcs/box
Ido®醫朵®海月水能量保濕面膜 7枚入(25ml/枚)

Ido®Instantly Whitening Mask 7 pcs/box 
Ido®醫朵®亮白面膜 7枚入(25ml/枚)

Ido® Soothing And Recovering Mask 7pcs/box Ido®醫朵®舒緩修護面膜 7枚入(25ml/枚)

AC-11® Anti-wrinkle Aqua-power mask 7pcs/box
Ido®醫朵®AC-11抗皺活泉面膜 7枚入(25ml/枚)

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