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BHK's MaMa Calcium added Magnesium Capsules⭐孕媽咪螯合鈣膠囊


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BHK's MaMa Calcium added Magnesium Capsules

60 capsules/bottle⭐2 capsules per day

  • 🍼Added with Magnesium 2:1, Potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Folic Acid

  • 🍼Vegetarian NO WEIGHT GAIN

  • 🍼Strong Bone Growth And Skeletal Development

  • 🍼Fetal Development in Expectant Mothers

  • 🍼Reducing The Occurrence Of Kidney Stones

  • 🍼Needed to Maintain Dental Health 

  • 🍼Preventing PMS

  • 🍼Helps Lower High Blood Pressure

  • 🍼Defends Against Cancer

  • 🍼Preventing Cardiovascular Diseases

  • 🍼Balancing The pH Levels In The Body

  • 🍼Aiding In Weight Loss

  • 🍼Preventing Skin Damage

  • 🍼Prevents Hormone Abnormalities

  • 🍼Reducing The Risk Of Chronic Diseases

  • 🍼Transporting Nutrients

  • 🍼Supports Muscle and Nerve Function NO MORE LEG CRAMPS

  • 🍼Help Prevent Diabetes

  • 🍼Helps with Indigestion

BHK's 孕媽咪螯合鈣膠囊


聰明媽咪好骨氣 北鼻健康發育

  • 高吸收率的螯合鈣搭配2:1完美比例的鈣鎂
  • 獨家複方營養補給 讓媽咪補胎不養肉
  • 素食媽咪也可食用
  • 完美吸收,補充一日不足


Dr. Josh Axe on Calcium Deficiency: 6 Warning Signs and Top Calcium-Rich Foods

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