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YUFIT eon Wheat-Germ Skin Care ⭐ 75 Cream ⭐ 97 Essence ⭐ 麦芽精华液&面霜


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YuFit eon Wheat-Germ Skin Care
eon Wheat-Germ 97 Essence 50ml
- eon Wheat-germ 75 Cream 75ml

For Men & Women
SAFE for Children & Pregnant Women!!!!

The Best Gift From Nature, Made With A lot Of Wheat Germ!!!


eon Wheat-Germ 97 Essence

  • Moisturizing is basic. 
  • Toner for moist, firm, and younger-looking skin with effects beyond a hydrating cream! 
  • Nourishes the source of skin firmness and moisturizes from deep within, leaving skin glowing and firm.

eon Wheat-germ 75 Cream

  • A wet look is basic. 
  • Try our wet look cream that will turn your fatigued skin full of vitality! 
  • Wheat germ compounds with high effects will gently infiltrate deep inside your dry and flaky skin, as well as instantly and amazingly change and soften your skin.


Customer Review, Safe For Young & Old, Men & Women
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