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BHK's 100% Pure Collagen Powder【 Skin Firmness 】⭐ 100%膠原蛋白粉【澎潤Q彈】


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BHK's 100% Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides Powder 【 Skin Firmness 】

3g/sachet; 30 sachets/packet 
Take 2 Sachets a day
For Men & Women 6 yr old above

Bouncy Skin Just Like Baby
  • *Ensures your skin strength and elasticity
  • *Japan advanced hydrolysis technology to produce 100% high purity intact
  •  collagen
  • *Molecular weight <3000 for good absorption
  • *Exclusive deodorizing process: no fishy smell, fine powder and can be
  • dissolved easily
  • *Restores and creates youthful skin, anti aging, hydrating, firming, smooth wrinkle, reduce neckline, 
  • *Pregnancy-friendly
  • No Fishy Smell
  • 100% Pure Premium Patented Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides
Main Ingredients (Per serving):
100% Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides 


Combine 1 sachet of collagen powder into your favorite beverage or meal twice a day, mix thoroughly. 

BHK's 100%膠原蛋白粉 【 澎潤Q彈 】(3g/包;30包/盒)

【 水亮Q彈 彈出光采 】

Chinese Translation


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