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funcare burner® Super Slimming Cream for Waist & Tummy⭐倍熱® 超勻腰腹霜


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burner® Super Slimming Cream for Waist and Tummy 100ml

A Gradual Warm Sensational Formula to Remodel a Dream Corset Waist and Voluptuous 3D Hip

Absorb quickly to the innermost layer of the skin to provide firmness and elasticity. 

  • Quick Lifting
  • Block Fat Formation
  • Breaks Down Fat
  • Intensive and Resilient Skin
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Moisturise Skin
  • Toning & Firming
  • Smooth Fine Lines
  • Stimulate Abdominal Skin
  • Evolves Blood Circulation
  • Remodel Healthy & Flat Tummy
  • Awarding winning "Gold Medal" Noguchi Medical Institute Japan

Does not contain any heavy metal or investigational drug ingredients. Absolutely safe for administration.
Inspected and confirmed by SGS Taiwan Inc.


船井®burner®倍熱® 超勻腰腹霜100ml

  • 30天緊緻美體立現 今夏最強代謝美體外用品
  • 專利溫活代謝配方
  • 調理、進化、緊緻一瓶搞定
  • 專門針對亞洲人體質設計

The new warming skin activating and tightening technology mixes the treasure of the nature- Poppy SE, microorganism Actigym from Bermuda and the secret to vitality and pleasantness- Caobromine with the natural herbal skin elastin and nourishing ingredients, collagen, rosehip oil and chamomile oil.

This special formula is designed to awaken skin’s regenerative power. The special mechanism carries the active ingredients into deep layers of skin to even out skin texture and brighten skin appearance.

Skin becomes firmer and more elastic. With the coupling of multiple compound essential oils helps to enhance circulation and metabolism, discharging toxins quickly.

This strenghtens the skin's circulation to quickly break down fats while easing stretch marks.

The effective slimming formula gives you a corset-like waist and shape as well as a Voluptuous 3D Hips!!

Another slimming innovation in pursuit of the perfect streamlined shape, for an irresistible tummy tamer, waist-slimming and 3D hip boosting patented active ingredients to quickly achieve that curvaceous shape.

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