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BHK's Green Juice Superfood Tablets【Green Detox】⭐ 青汁酵素锭【燃脂排毒】


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BHK's Green Juice Superfood Tablets【Green Detox】

30 capsules/packet
Take 2 tablets a day
For Men & Women 12 yr old above

A Green Miracle to Shred Weight


  • *Barley Wakaba and Pennisetum
    - Enriches dietary fibre
    - To cleanse and detox your body
    - Promotes bowel movements
  • *Green coffee bean extract and Catechin
    - Promotes fat burning and getting fit
  • *Fruit and vegetable enzyme green juice and Polyphenol
    - 32 kinds of vegetable and fruit extracts, provide sufficient nutrition
  • *Cinnamon extract
    - Increases satiety and reduces appetite

Main Ingredients (Per serving):
Barley Grass Juice Powder (5:1) 400mg,

Green Tea Extract
(70% Total Catechins and 45% EGCg) 240mg,

Green Coffee Bean Extract
(45% Chlorogenic Acids) 100mg

Take 2 tablets at once daily 30 minutes before meals. For better result, take twice per day. Do NOT take more than 4 tablets per day.

BHK's 青汁酵素锭【燃脂排毒】

  • ⭐提升体内代谢,消耗脂肪与热量
  • ⭐丰富膳食纤维可以促进排宿便
  • ⭐促进脂肪燃烧,瓦解堆积的脂肪
  • ⭐增加饱足感,抑制食欲
  • ⭐特别推荐俾懒得运动、体脂过高、有便秘问题及爱食油腻的人士

【绿能爆发 一甩油脂】

*大麦若叶  x  狼尾草:丰富膳食纤维,促进排便,净空力 UP!
绿咖啡萃取 x 儿茶素 x 橙皮苷:促进脂肪燃烧,迎向窈窕,自燃力 UP!

青汁蔬果酵素 x 蔬果多酚:32种蔬果精华,营养补给,代谢力 UP!

肉桂萃取:饱足感增加,降低吃的欲望,自制力 UP!


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