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UNIQMAN Vitamin B+Maca Tablets【Energy Boost】⭐ B群+马卡锭【提神代谢】


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UNIQMAN Vitamin B+Maca Tablets【Energy Boost】

30 capsules/packet
60 Capsules/Bottle
Take 1 Tablet after dinner
Vegan Friendly

Giving you back your B-B-Bounce

Designed for every man, at every stage of life. This advanced nutritional formula delivers plant-based ingredients to increase the feelings of energy and youthful vitality

Introduction of UNIQMAN Vitamin B + Maca

  • Support the body during times of stress or nervous tension
  • Support healthy nervous system function
  • Help the body convert food to energy
  • Provide support for stamina and energy
  • Support a healthy mood
  • Support healthy sleep patterns and help fight fatigue

Overall Energy Supplement for Men 
1.B Complex (Vitamins B1,B2,B6,B16, Nicotinic Acid)
It helps to maintain our body metabolism system, and improve our nervous system and skin. Thus, it is necessary for our body to maintain both mental and physical performance. 
2. Taurine
It is a kind of amino acid, which helps to promote metabolism and mental improvement. 

Black Maca Pro
Maca, also known as the national treasure of Peru. Black Maca has a high nutritional values revitalizes the entire body. It works to increase energy, stamina and vitality of body. It has been in continual use for thousands of years. Maca comes in a variety types and colors, the deeper/darker the color, the richer the nutrient content. Thus, UNIQMAN is using the Black Maca as its' ingredients to offer and provide the most nutrient for men ' s needs to regulate physiological functions of body

UNIQMAN B群+马卡锭【提神代谢】


熱血續航 Hold住運動力

  • 採用95%頂級頂級黑紅馬卡-秘魯人蔘
  • 綜合維他命B群添加 維持能量正常代謝、精力充沛
  • 提供多種男性需要的營養素

2. 牛磺酸



Dr. James Meschino-Optimal Living  B-Vitamins
Vitamin B Complex Explained: Health Benefits | Thomas DeLauer

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