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UNIQMAN Hovenia Japanese Raisin Tree Capsule⭐應酬酵素膠囊


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UNIQMAN Hovenia Japanese Raisin Tree Capsule

30 capsules/packet
60 Capsules/bottle
Take 1 Capsule daily before or after meal
For Heavy Drinking Take 2 - 3 capsules before or after meal

For Men & Women

Ever Wonder Why The Japanese, Korean & Chinese never get drunk??
The Ancient Traditional Secret - Japanese Raisin Tree

Never Too Much Hangover! | Hangover Prevention Formula

For Tiredness, Hangover, Liver Health

Introduction of Hovenia
Say bye to hangover

Hovenia Capsules is highly effective in dissolving alcohol and facilitating the detoxification of the liver. It was also found through studies that in particular, it contributes to the inhibition of the remaining of aldehyde that is known to cause hangover. 

Exclusive formula:

  • ✔Hovenia | Dispel the hangover         
  • ✔Vitamin K| Protect liver     
  • ✔Vitamin B Complex| Help metabolism
  • ✔Taurine| Energy booster    
  • ✔Pineapple enzyme| Help digesting

Every great evening deserves a great morning. Begin with UNIQMAN Hovenia for a great daily life.

Ready for challenge! 
1.Ease a hangover     2.Recovers liver function
3.Reduces fatigue     4.Help produce saliva and slake thirst

Clinically Test & Proven 

  1. Finished Clinical Test in Human for Safety and Efficacy by Professor Jeong Seyoung at Kyeong Hee University Pharmaceutical School in 2004 and 2005.
  2. Research team of UCLA lead by Dr. Jing Liang revealed its specialties for alcohol detoxification and liver protection properties. Also published its research paper on Journal of Neuroscience in 2012.
  3. NBC broadcasted interview with Dr. Jing Liang for her significant researches about Hovenia Dulcis (HD) fruit extract in 2012.
  4. In 2014 Approved as a functional dietary supplement by KFDA (Korean FDA) for Protect Liver from Alcohol damage, Fatigue and Stress Recovery, Improvement exercise performance ability on aerobic and anaerobic

UNIQMAN 應酬酵素萬壽果膠囊
【解酒護肝 減輕負擔】



  • 最佳救援酵素!讓你輕鬆迎接挑戰
  • 風靡韓國應酬聖品—枳椇子 生津止渴、對抗甘苦
  • 添加鳳梨酵素和維生素B群 代謝+消化+元氣有解

Chinese Translation
UNIQMAN Hovenia Review 應酬酵素 短 01見證影片



✔應酬有解|枳椇子         ✔甘苦有解|維生素K     ✔元氣有解|牛磺酸
✔代謝有解|維生素B群    ✔消化有解|鳳梨酵素

量身打造 輕鬆迎接挑戰!!! 
1.交際搏感情時     2.聚餐盛情難卻時
3.應酬談生意時     4.想要解千愁時


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