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HAIR+ Protein Bond Hair Loss Shampoo 500ml


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HAIR+ Protein Bond Hair Loss Vital Shampoo 500ml

From extremely damaged hair care to hair loss care! Dual care with protein!

Anti-hair loss protein shampoo effectively repairs damaged hair and revitalizes the scalp. Saturates the cells with moisture and useful substances, accelerates the healing process, restoring smoothness and radiance to the hair.

The shampoo gently cleanses the skin of various impurities, styling residues and dead cells, improving the access of oxygen to the hair roots. Stimulates microcirculation and blood circulation, providing an influx of nutrients and strengthens hair follicles. Improves the condition of the scalp, relieves irritation and flaking, prevents the formation of dandruff, neutralizes the aggressive effects of hair dryers and styling products.

The shampoo perfectly removes impurities without disturbing the water-lipid balance and without causing tangles in the hair.




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