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BHK's Allergy Defense Reishi + Probiotics Veg Capsules ⭐彈敏EX 素食膠囊 【敏弱對策】


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BHK's Allergy Defense Reishi + Probiotics Capsules

60 tablets/box 
Take 2 Capsule A Day
For Men & Women 12 yr old above

End Allergy from inside out!!


  • *Patented Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide, Taiwan's local patented fermentation technology, which retains highly active Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide.
  • Strengthens immune regulation better than other products on the market.
  • * Nettle root & Houttuynia cordata, widely used internationally to relieve allergies such as "eczema itching" and "nasal congestion problems".
  • * U.S. patented 4 beneficial bacterias, with hundreds of research documents related to health promotion, help to adjust the physique and maintain the flora ecology.
  • *Nicotinin, yeast zinc, and yeast selenium improve the health of skin, nervous system, mucous membrane and digestive system.

Newly upgraded formula, soothing your skin and conditioning inside, strengthens the protective shield of yours.

BHK's 彈敏EX 素食膠囊 (60粒/盒)

彈敏EX 簡介

【終結撓人 內外兼顧】

  • 專利靈芝多醣,台灣在地專利發酵技術,保留高活性靈芝多醣,加強敏敏防護優於市售。
  • 蕁麻根x魚腥草,國際廣泛應用於「身體想抓」與「涕淚不適」等敏弱部位。
  • 美國專利4益菌,具上百篇促進健康相關的研究文獻,有助於調整體質、維持健康。
  • 菸鹼素x酵母鋅x酵母硒,增進皮膚、神經系統、黏膜及消化系統的健康。



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