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UNIQMAN Gentle Cleansing Facial Wash【Gentle Deep-Cleaning】⭐男士洗面乳【清爽洁颜】


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UNIQMAN Gentle Cleansing Facial Wash【Gentle Deep-Cleaning】100ml/Tube

Face cleansing for men is an essential step for healthy skin! How do you choose the right face wash?

Products with natural ingredients formulation, soft, fragrance and colorant free, prevent the skin from dryness and irritation is an important factor for a good facial soap.

Your for ultimate clean & care formulation
30% Amino acids: Gentle foam to clean dirt, soft and not dry.
Tea tree oil: Natural antibacterial effect, helping skin pores to breathe easier.

Gentle ingredients for your skin
PEG (Irritating Surfactants), Parabens, and MI / MCI Free
【Organic Mallow】 -Three organic certification, non-irritating, helps soothe and moisturize the skin.
【Organic Chamomile】 -Ecocert natural certification, soothes skin and improves skin's ability to fight external damage.
【Organic Calendula】 -Ecocert certified natural, regulates, repairs, soothes, and softens skin.
【Aesculus hippocastanum】 - With antioxidant properties, helps circulation and relieves edema in the morning.

The right choice of face wash soap for better facial health. Looks healthy, fresh, and young.

UNIQMAN UW 男士洗面乳 (100ml/条)【温和配方 深层洁净


胺基酸洁颜 洗净零负担

不含 PEG 高刺激性界面活性剂
不含 parabenMI/MCI 类防腐剂


【有机洋甘菊】-Ecocert 天然认证,安抚肌肤、增加肌肤扺抗外界伤害的能力。
【有机金盏花】-Ecocert 天然认证,调理修复、舒缓肌肤干燥使肌肤更加柔软


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