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HAIR+ Protein Bond Ampoule Essence 145ml


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Protein Bond Ampoule Essence 145ml

Repair ampoule for extremely damaged hair! Exceeded 10 million sales! Protein Bond!
HAIR+ is a well-known brand in South Korea that offers professional level care that can be easily achieved at home. Hair+ products are free of parabens, dyes, phthalate, mineral oils, formaldehyde and not tested on animals.
HAIR+ Protein Bond line is formulated to nourish and repair dry, damaged hair that has lost its elasticity.
  • Repairs dry to extremely damaged hair
  • Ampoule (leave-on) contains hydrolyzed wheat rice & soy protein, hydrolyzed keratin, silk, collagen, amino acids & peptides to help repair hair quickly and provides long-lasting moisture
  • Abundant protein penetrates hair shafts and cuticles to restore hair to its healthy state.
  • Achieved 10 million units sales
  • Absorbs like an adhesive to severely damaged hair that is cracked and torn
  • 2679% increase in protein absorbed into into hair

HAIR+ 天鹅绒蛋白修复护发安瓶

  • ⭐韓國美容室專用品牌,銷量過千萬枝
  • ⭐HOME SALON在家擁有美容室美髮效果
  • ⭐免沖洗,乾濕髮可使用
  • ⭐不黏膩
  • ⭐修復受損髮絲,保濕柔順
  • 👑韩国众多网友共同推荐的世纪神级好物
  • 👑韩国大势女团A-PINK初珑私下爱用
  • 👑台湾美妆节目“拜托了女神”Kelvin老师推荐
  • 👑NAVER各项评选部门第1名
  • 👑专业发廊发型师都在使用的护发品牌

✨蛋白质吸收力增加, 可加强头发强韧柔顺度,
无须冲洗 一抹即顺✨!

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