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funcare® Smart Warm Eye Mask Relieving Set ⭐船井遠紅外線智能溫熱「蒸氣眼罩」


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funcare® Far Infrared Smart Warm Eye Mask Relieving Set

(funcare Smart Warm Eye Mask + funcare® Calendula Eye Spray 50ml)

Enjoy EYE SPA Anywhere Anytime~!~

Eliminate Puffy ★ Eyes Improve Insomnia ★ Dark circles ★ Eye wrinkles


  • ★ Nanometer graphite heating film offers even heating, which is safe and concern-free from electrical leakage.
  • ★ Far Infrared design, where the heat may be transmitted deep into the human body for effective relief.
  • ★ Close to nil electromagnetic wave after being tested, which is safe and concern-free.
  • ★The stringently selected anti-bacterial fabric has been honored with anti-bacterial certification.
  • ★ The safe constant-temperature setting is concern-free and comfortable.
  • ★ Three temperature settings (39°C/42°C/45°C), adjust according to individual preferences.
  • ★ 10-minute automatic shut-off safety device.
  • ★ The eye mask itself may be washed with water repeatedly for convenient hygiene.
  • ★ The eye mask may be used alone to block off light for a good sleep.
  • ★ USB powered for portable convenience, may be used at anytime and anywhere.
  • ★ Made in Taiwan for guaranteed quality.


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