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BHK's Sakura Activ Extract Effervescent Tablet【 Sakura Glow 】⭐ 櫻花亮妍 氣泡飲 【粉嫩亮妍】


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BHK's Sakura Activ Extract Effervescent Tablet【 Sakura Glow 】

3 Tubes/Box = 30 tablets
10 Tablets/Tube
Take 1 Tablet a day mix in water
For Men & Women 12 yr old above
Suitable for Vegetarian



*The latest stylish homemade drink, good taste and zero burden
*Cherry blossom extract, 150,000 times concentrated
  - Rehydrate your skin instantly
*Camu Camu fruit extract, the queen of natural vitamin C - High Antioxidant
  • Super rich in antioxidants levels and soothing properties
  • It repairs the skin’s natural barrier to promote a smooth and supple skin
  • It is anti-aging, whitening, and anti-glycation agent which promotes collagen formation in fibroblasts
  • It cleanses the skin of toxins to leave a brightened and healthy skin
  • Lightens uneven pigmentation
  • It has anti-inflammation properties
Main Ingredients (Per serving):
Sakura Extract 50mg
Dissolve one tablet in a 250~300ml glass of water daily. 


BHK's 櫻花亮妍 氣泡飲 【粉嫩亮妍】

櫻花亮妍 氣泡飲 簡介

【喝的美顏飲 好喝零負擔】


Chinese Translation


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