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BHK's Patented Eyebright Lutein EX Veg Capsules【Vision Health】⭐专利晶澈叶黄素 素食胶囊【双眼明亮】


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BHK's Patented Eyebright Lutein Veg Capsules【Vision Health】

60 Softgels/Box
Take 1 Softgel a day
For Men & Women 12 yr old above
Suitable for Vegan


  • *Patented Lutein, Keep Vision Crisp *Marigold Flower Extract:
  • - Prevent eye aging from blue light
  • - Reduce eye dryness & fatigue
  • - Maintain vivid vision *Anthocyanin from Blackcurrant, Bilberry, Maqui
  • - Improve ability to see in low-light conditions
  • - Prevent the age-related eyes problem

Main Ingredients (Per serving):
Patented Marigold Flower Extract 150mg (contain Free Lutein, Zeaxanthin) 

Take 1 capsule daily after meal. Do NOT take more than 1 capsule per day.

BHK's 专利晶澈叶黄素 素食胶囊【双眼明亮】

守护眼睛 视线清晰
【精彩时刻 绝无失焦】

 *专利金盏花 x 专利藻油DHA,黄金比例,足量高单位,加强双眼保养。

 *专利综合莓果 x 山桑子 x 维生素A,特浓花青素,维持暗处视觉,舒缓长时用眼的酸涩感。

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