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BHK's Glucosamine+MSM Cream【Joint Nourishing】 ⭐葡萄糖胺乳霜 【瞬效救援】


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BHK's Glucosamine+MSM Cream 50ml/tube【Joint Nourishing】

Ready for Every Crucial Moments
Suitable for Whole Family (Young & Old)

Healthy Joints! Quick & Flexible at all Times


  • *A soothing cream for the skin, joints and cartilage
  • *Very effective for supporting healthy joints
  • *Flex Ease (EFAC) is highly recommended by doctors in the U.S to repair joints
  • *OptiMSM can sooth the joint and muscle pain from exercise or aging
  • *Glucosamine can relieve joint pain, increase mobility and protect cartilage
  • *Reduces the osteoarthritis
  • *Can use it for limb joints, necks, waist and muscles massage

Main Ingredients (Per serving):
Patented flex ease (EFAC), Patented organic sulfide-MSM, Glucosamine hydrochloride, Shea butter, Arnica, Mint

Get suitable quantity of cream (suggested 2-3ml). Apply and massage on your limb joints. Apply 2-3 times ONLY per day.

    BHK's 葡萄糖胺乳霜 (50ml/條)【瞬效救援】

    關鍵專科營養配方「 拿騰素® + MSM 」

    嚴選美國醫生第一推薦靈活成分-拿騰素® ,能經皮膚快速滲透吸收。

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