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BHK's Crimson Cranberry Plus Probiotics Tablets【Feminine Care】⭐红萃蔓越莓益生菌錠 【私密保养】


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BHK's Crimson Cranberry Plus Probiotics Tablets【Feminine Care】

30 tablets/packet (Resealable Foil Bag)
60 tablets/bottle
1 or 2 Tablet A Day
For Men & Women 12 yr old above

BHK's Crimson Cranberry Plus Probiotics


  • *Patented Cranberry from North America.
    - Rich in proanthocyanins (PACs)
    - High concentration (34:1)
  • *Patented techniques extraction, helps to preserve the bio-active components of the entire cranberry fruit which loaded with antioxidants.
  • *Superior coating formulation which can make sure absorption enhancement after delivered to the intestine without being damaged by stomach acid.
  • *Exclusive Bio-Shield technique and Timer Release to raise the absorption, achieve effectively continuous release for 12~16 hours.
  • *Probiotics to help maintain vaginal health microbial balance.

Main Ingredients (Per serving):
Cranberry Extract 250mg,
Powder of Lactic Acid Bacteria 20mg

Take 1 tablet daily after meal. For better result, take 2 tablets per day. Do NOT take more than 2 tablets per day.


  • 🍒Protect maintain women’s most intimate health
  • 🍒Helps Prevent Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • 🍒Probiotics Help fight yeast infections
  • 🍒Maintain healthy pH levels.
  • 🍒May Helps Anti-inflammatory to reduce itching, burning and redness
  • 🍒May Help reduce bacterial growth
  • 🍒May Helps High Cholesterol
  • 🍒May Helps Improves Cardiovascular Health
  • 🍒May Helps Avoids Respiratory Infections
  • 🍒Strengthens Bones and Teeth
  • 🍒Prevents Kidney Stones
  • 🍒May Helps Peptic ulcers
  • 🍒May Helps Prevents Scurvy
  • 🍒Skin Whitening🍒Antioxidant🍒Anti Aging
  • 🍒No Chemical All Natural Ingredients

BHK's 红萃蔓越莓益生菌錠 【私密保养】

台灣藝人、名模、部落客 使用後一致推薦!
特濃專利蔓越莓 清爽舒適
效果加乘 守護私密處、保持舒爽

  • ⭐改善私密处痕痒、分泌物多、异味、白色念珠球菌感染、泌尿道感染 
  • ⭐人体试验证实,1天2粒,7天有效改善痕痒及分泌物 
  • ⭐避免坏菌附着导致感染,改变私密处菌丛生态 
  • ⭐适合久坐、长着紧身裤、经常憋尿、饮水量不足人士 
  • ⭐深释肠溶锭设计,唔惊胃酸破坏 





  • 1. 北美红宝石蔓越莓 
  • 2.五种私密专用乳酸菌 
  • 3.深释肠溶技术 



Dr.James Meschino cranberry intake reduces urinary tract infections. Dr. Josh Axe on Cranberry Benefits

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