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BHK's Black Eye EX Capsules⭐逆夜EX膠囊


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BHK's Black Eye EX Capsules

No More Dark Circle, Panda Eye OUT!!!
Only 1 Capsule A Day
1 bottle 60 capsules= 2 months supply

  • Patented Grape Seed Extract with intense Resveratrol 
  • Slow Down Aging Process
  • Enhance with Vitamin K and B1
  • Reduce dryness, lines and wrinkles
  • Clean and Detoxifies
  • Reduce Inflamation
  • Lightening Dark Circles
  • Support collagen
  • Enhance skin hydration
  • 10 Million Beneficial ProBiotic

BHK's 逆夜膠囊


Dr Isadore Rosenfeld On Resveratrol
Dr. Oz Recommends Resveratrol Supplements -
Anti-Aging Benefits of Resveratrol

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