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UNIQMAN King Clam Capsules【Liver Protection】⭐帝王蚬 胶囊【护肝营养】


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UNIQMAN King Clam Capsules【Liver Protection】

30 Capsules/packet
60 Capsules/bottle
Take 1 Capsule a day
For Men & Women, Old & Young 

A colorful life begins with Golden King Clams

Good for your Liver, Pancreas, Kidney and Heart

Instant Stamina Boost

The Finest Golden King Clams from Unpolluted, fresh air, clean and clear water Hualien Taiwan

King Clam Protein is one of the highest and most complete essential amino acid score meeting the strict protein standards issued by FAO/WHO.

1 Capsule = 25 King Clams!!!!

Rich with Vitamin B2, B6 and B12, DHA, Arginine, Taurine and Ornithine, Minerals such as Calcium, Zinc, Phosphorus

*King Clam, also known as the king of shellfish, has a very high nutritional value
-The protein contained is rated as "perfect protein" by the United Nations

*Golden carp, from pure and pollution-free Hualien, rich in amino acids, zinc, calcium, taurine, etc.
-Maintains health and replenish energy

*Additional vitamin B complex, taurine, chelated zinc:
-Maintain normal energy metabolism and keep vitality and strength

*Who needs this?
-Work overtime
-Night shift
-Work labor

Main Ingredients (Per serving):
Golden freshwater clam Extract (Corbicula fluminea) 350mg
Gold King clam Extract 50mg
Taurine 100mg
Choline (as Choline Bitartrate) 8.4mg

Take 1 capsule daily after meal. For better result, take 2 capsules at once. Do NOT take more than 2 capsules per day per day.

UNIQMAN 帝王蚬 胶囊【护肝营养】

即刻滋補 活力再蜆!


  • 貝類之王-帝王蜆 營養價值極高

  • 完美蛋白質 營養成分能被快速吸收

  • 維持能量正常代謝 幫助精神旺盛、補給體力


黄金蚬,来自纯净无污染的花莲, 富含胺基酸、锌、钙、牛磺酸等,人体必须营养素, 能维持健康、补充精力。


1.应酬加班  2.效率不彰  3.日夜颠倒  4.工作劳

Chinese Translation

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