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BHK's Resveratrol Veg Capsules【Anti-Aging】 ⭐ 白藜芦醇 素食胶囊【抗老圣品】


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BHK's Resveratrol Veg Capsules【Anti-Aging】

💊1 Capsules =🍷 80 Bottles Red Wine = 🍇3340 Grapes
Resveratrol: The Health & Beauty Secrets of French Women
Beauty + Health + Slimming
All In One Capsule

The secret toward youthful look throughout your age

  • *French women secret of elegance and confidence throughout their age.
  • *Resveratrol, the much-hyped polyphenols plant compound found in French red wine
  • *Polyphenol content in this product is more than 145mg
  • *Resveratrol
  • - Helps to lower cholesterol
  • - Has powerful antioxidant property assists in repairing the visible effects of skin ageing
  • - Leaves your skin more even in tone and texture, giving it a younger appearance
  • *Grape seed extract
  • -Riches in antioxidant
  • -Approved by the US FDA and GRAS
  • -Improves blood flow and collagen levels
  • *Patented beer yeast fermentation product
  • -Adopted from Switzerland patented yeast fermentation technology, purity higher than 98%
  • *Highly recommended for those with anti-aging needs, women after menopause, and golden aged women.

Main Ingredients (Per serving):
Advanced Red Wine Extract 100mg,
Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera) 50mg,
Yeast Derivatives (98% Trans-Resveratrol) 40mg

Take 1 capsule daily after meal. For better result, take 2 capsules at once. Do NOT take more than 2 capsules per day.

    Patented Veri-te™ resveratrol, Patented BIOVIN®, Patented ActiVin®
    Added with Vitamin C & Zinc
    BHK's 白藜芦醇 素食胶囊【抗老圣品】(60顆/瓶)
    法國女人養顏的秘密 抗氧x潤妍x通暢 高顏值的素妍美
    • 法國紅酒萃取 總多酚量達145mg以上
    • 維他命C加乘 具高度抗氧能力
    • 每顆含有40mg的世界級美妍成分-「白藜蘆醇」
    • 1顆膠囊=80瓶紅葡萄酒=3340顆葡萄
    • 有助調整體質、養顏美容 再現青春活力



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