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BHK's Makeup Removing Cleansing Mousse【Removes Makeup & Cleanses】⭐洁颜洗卸慕斯【温和洗卸】


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BHK's Makeup Removing Cleansing Mousse【Removes Makeup & Cleanses】150ml/bottle

Quit your drying face wash and irritating make up remover. The solution for practical face cleansing and makeup removing in one bottle!

With four advantages:
1. Cocoa extract to remove makeup
Gentle emulsification, effectively removes residual makeup,deep cleansing in pores, and does not dry out skin.
2. Natural glucose foaming agent
Hydrolyzed vegetable flour, with high cleaning ability, freshen your face and does not dry out after washing your face
3. Hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, water locking factor, vitamin B5
Provides water molecules for deep moisturizing and forms a water-locking network to keep moisture in the skin.
4. Chamomile Extract x Witch Hazel Extract
Cleanses the face and provides maximum softness for facial skin

Face cleanser for all skin types ranging from dry, oily, combination, those who always use face cream, sunscreen, and makeup.

BHK's 洁颜洗卸慕斯【温和洗卸】150ml

洗面乳不够温和,皮肤好干燥? 卸妆产品太刺激,皮肤好糟糕? 一定要试试这个!


1. 可可精萃卸妆成分

2. 天然葡萄糖起泡剂

3. 玻尿酸x芦荟萃取x锁水因子x维生素B5

4. 洋甘菊萃取x金缕梅萃取



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