Pure Concentrated Organic Vitamin C Glow Serum 15ml☆Using Organic Citrus Extract☆维生素C辉光


$55.28 $65.00


Pure Concentrated Vitamin C Glow Serum 15ml

Using Organic Citrus Extract

☆Made in USA

☆Anti-aging/Whitening/Revitalizing/Promote Collagen/Brighten/Antioxidant protection/Firming/Anti Wrinkle


Drop A Decade Off Your Face!!!!!

This highly concentrated organic Vitamin C serum promotes a prolonged whitening action by enhancing the metabolic rate and suppressing melanin formation, which causes dark spots and freckles. Collagen production is enhanced while wrinkles and fine lines are softened. This serum eliminates surface dead cells and impurities, and skin becomes less prone to acne. Acne scars are visibly diminished. Skin’s clarity, suppleness and firmness are restored.

Directions: Apply few drops to face and neck and massage in gently. Use Day and Night.

Ingredients : Organic citrus extract, aqueous blend, Propylene Glycol, L-ascorbic Acid 1.2-Dihydroxpropane, Hyaluronic Acid, L-lysine HCL

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
No No No
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates
- Chemicals
- Preservatives
- Formaldehyde
- Phthalates
- Triclosan
- Xanthan Gum
- Fragrance or Colors

Antioxidant-intensive treatment stimulates cellular renewal and provides Photo-Aging Defense.

The Before & After Effect of Using Vitamin C Serum

I've got many enquires asking what is vacuumed bottle.I took a shot of the bottle. As you can see the Vitamin C serum is been pushed up as you used. There won't be air getting into the bottle to oxidized the vitamin C. Vitamin C is destroyed if it oxidized when exposed with air. I have not found vitamin c serum with vacuum glass bottle in the market so far.

MORE THAN JUST ANTI-AGING: In Addition to its Powerful Anti-Aging Properties, our Customers Have Reported That Our Vitamin C Serum Has Helped to Shrink Pores, Clear Up Acne, Prevent Breakouts, and Minimize the Appearance of Acne Scars.

You can never get Organic Pure Vitamin C serum with this price.

Our Vitamin C Serum is packaged with vacuum bottle, making sure the vitamin will not be oxidized with air. Oxidization can make the product lose its strength.

Some skin care products get their 15 minutes of fame before getting pushed to the back of your drawer, but the vitamin C serum is here to stay. That may be because of the fact that, most of the time, a vitamin C serum does pretty much exactly what is promised on the box. How many other products can boast of that?

Even doctors prescribe Vitamin C serum to problem skin patient. Whenever I got outbreak, doctors would give me Vitamin C Serum and each bottle would cost $120 to $150 and it's not vacuum bottle, it's not organic.

Now, with half the price, you get the genuine real vitamin C serum.

Bluemoon has been using this USA Organic Vitamin C Serum for 3 years now. 
Bluemoon is 40 years old, look at my skin!!!! Do i look 40 years old???

Organic Vitamin C Serum from USA!!!

This is a product you use all over your face to protect your skin from environmental factors, stimulate collagen (a must to age gracefully), and best of all, it stays on your skin once it’s absorbed. That’s why many people are turning to high-end serums like this one, because while creams can wash away or wear off due to perspiration, a serum, once absorbed, is much more powerful, by all research I've come across. I have use Vitamin C Serum for over 2 years now.

Vitamin C products have become a MUST in every woman's daily beauty regime. All the heap about vitamin C.




All Products From Bluemoon Are 100% Authentic, We Promise!


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