Naisen Caring 75% Ethanol Alcohol Wipes Individual Sachet *12CM X 15CM PER PIECE ⭐奈森克林 75%酒精濕巾單片包


$20.99 $29.99


This product is currently in short supply due to the Corona Virus Crisis Worldwide.
The manufacturer had increase the cost price 5x due to the increase in the cost of manufacturing materials and Alcohol. Individually Sealed is more costly than big family packging

We will sell as honestly as possible to our customers. We do not make profit in this product due to the increase in cost price. In addition, GST tax, company tax, platform commission, air freight cost, packaging cost had wipe out any profit.

Why we still sell with no profit? We wish to benefit those working class who always eat out, to disinfect their cutleries, table and chairs to protect themselves from public sharing risk. 【Individually Sealed】Each alcohol wipe is sealed in a foil packet, provides an airtight seal which prevents leakage and drying out and contamination.

Naisen Caring 75% Alcohol Wipes Individual Sachet

  • No Contamination
  • Never Dry Up (Individually Sealed)
  • Convenient & Handy in the bag
  • Kills 99.99% Bacteria
  • Using Food Grade Ethanol Alcohol, Safe for cutleries 
  • Good for food court/ restaurant diners
  • Made in Taiwan

奈森克林 75%酒精濕巾單片包



  • 酒精75%濃度潔淨更好
  • 市售最大尺寸12x15,清潔面積加倍
  • 遠離細菌,隨時清潔保健康
  • 居家辦公室車上外出使用都方便
  • 單片包裝好攜帶,輕巧好收納
  • 四大品保SGS認證布材
  • 台灣製造,30年經驗生產嚴格把關

Safe for Cutleries, No Contamination, Easy & Convenient

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