USA IHAIR Natural Hair Growth Serum ⭐天然豐盈養髮精華液


$88.00 $258.00


IHAIR Natural Hair Growth Serum 30ml

Grow Longer, Stronger, Fuller Hair Naturally!

  • Unique hair serum that contains natural protein peptides
  • Amazing results in just 8 weeks!
  • Helps fortify and strengthen to make hair thicker, fuller and healthier
  • Tropical formulation that is scientifically proven to boost hair growth in as little as 2 months!
  • Effective and safe solution for hair loss, suitable for men and women, no side effects

" Regain Confidence Once Again with a Healthy Lustrous Hair!"


Natural and effective hair growth solution, suitable of men and women!

See amazing results in less than 8 weeks! "
Note: You need at least 2 Bottles to see results




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