funcare®Cal-Collagen + Milk Calcium For Kids & Adults (15 Sachets)⭐ 船井®高成長關健膠原鈣 15包入/盒


$39.88 $49.99


funcare®Cal-Collagen  + Milk Calcium For Kids & Adults

15 Sachets/Box
Take 1 Sachet a day
For Men & Women 4 yr old above

A Calcium Collagen Supplement Suitable for WHOLE FAMILY, Young & Old

🏆Rated No. 1 Award Winning Collagen in Taiwan!!!

For Kids: Grow Faster & Taller
For Women: Beautiful Bouncy Hydrating Skin
For Elderly: Bone Strength & Flexibility. A More Joyful Retirement with no Pain
For Pregnancy & Maternity : Best Nutrition Supplement for Baby & Mommy
For Outdoor Lovers: Better Mobility , Care for Joint, Ease Pain
For All: Good Skin, Bone, Joint Health. Relax & Sleep Better

1 Sachet = 10 Glasses of Milk + 6 Chicken Breast

Proven To Grow Taller


  • ★R&D in Japan
  • ★Certified by TFDA
  • ★No.1 Brand of Joint Collagen
  • ★Mobility、Elastic、Energy、Bone Strength
  • ★ Unique nutrition supply for healthier bone and joint.
  • ★The primary nutrition for growing taller– Calcium
  • ★ Added with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B Complex
  • ★ Joint Collagen Type II (From Fish)
  • ★ Milk Calcium

【funcare 船井生醫】健字號高成長關健牛奶鈣膠原粉-15入/盒


  • ★國家認證‧衛福部核准 關健膠原NO.1
  • ★關骨保健三原力配方,唯一軟硬兼顧
  • ★獨家水解配方,小分子好吸收
  • ★幫助牙齒骨骼正常發育
  • ★全台唯一骨質健康食品認證魚膠原粉
  • ★榮獲世界品質評鑑大賞特金獎
  • ★榮獲JHFA日本健康食品認證
  • ★榮獲日本野口醫學研究所 醫學信賴金獎
  • ★美容專家-顏百駿醫生指定美容輔助保健食品

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