Funcare burner® 18 Herbal Japan Ancient Slimming Detox Formula Capsules⭐倍熱防風通聖散腹孅膠囊


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Funcare burner® 100% Natural 18 Herbal Japan Ancient Detox Slimming Formula Capsules

40 Capsules/Box
Take 1 capsule at monring &  2 Capsules at night
For Men & Women 16 yr old above


🎌18 Kinds of Herbs

🎌Detox🎌Boost Metabolism🎌Burn Fats🎌Balance YinYang

🎌Constipation Relieve

🎌No rebound

🎌Flatten Tummy

🎌Made with 100% Natural Ingredients

burner®倍熱® 18味草本通聖複孅膠囊倍熱防風通聖散腹孅膠囊
米可白 推薦使用。
每日二粒 體內環保天天暢快零負擔。
富含 野葛(花)、綠茶、川芎 等成分,維持健康。


Usage Instruction:

Twice a day. Take 1 Capsule after breakfast and 2 Capsules after dinner or before sleep

Not Suitable for:
Caution: This product is not suitable for
1. expectant mothers, women in breath-feeding stages, children
2. anyone allergic to the ingredients
3. vegetarians
Expiry date: 3 years

This product has been insured with a 50-million-dollar product liability insurance in Taiwan provided by the Fubon Financial Group

米可白 推薦使用 代謝加強 x窈窕健康 輔助首選

burner倍熱® 18味草本通聖複孅膠囊是從【漢方健康保養學】與【便利性】層面來考量的安心設計。



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