Korea DEW & DEW 24K Gold Collagen Serum 50ml /24K金胶原蛋白精华50ml 美白防皱


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It's all about GOLD, a lot of GOLD!!!

It contains 24 carat gold ampoule with moisture complex to increase longevity for nourishing, hydrating, and balancing skin. It helps reduce the appearance of uneven skin with a light finish.

{DEW & DEW 24K Gold Collagen Serum(Whitening)} = 50ml (Gold 5mg + Collagen 5mg)
  • Activation of cell regeneration function
  • Elastic skin and outstanding moisturizing function
  • Excellent skin lightening effect
  • Freckles inhibition
  • Fight free radicals 

{DEW & DEW 24K Gold Collagen Serum(Anti wrinkle)} = 50ml (Gold 5mg + Collagen 5mg)
  • Activation of cell regeneration function
  • Elastic skin and outstanding moisturizing function
  • Skin's anti oxidant effect
  • Sufficient supply of nutrients
  • Wrinkle Defy

No artificial flavors!  
Minimize & Avoid Skin Irritation!

No Paraben / Benzophenone / Sulfate / Artificial flavoring / Mineral oil

修飾粗大毛孔, 幼紋和乾紋, 更有助減淡色斑, 改善膚色不均等情況
令粉底更貼服, 妝容更輕透自然,獨立使用或加入粉底液一同使用均可

保護肌膚免受外部環境刺激,補充水分,改善乾燥, 更持久貼服
成份內含保濕功效極強既 蘆薈葉 牡丹 當肌膚夠保濕 紋理 毛孔都會減少
而積雪草係能使皮膚變柔軟,幫助促進真皮層中膠原蛋白形 成,有令肌膚緊緻的效果。還可幫助受損的組織癒合及緊實 肌膚
而金泊功效 能令肌膚亮麗美白 退去灰黃



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