burner®Low frequency treatment device S4 (4 pads)- Hello Kitty Slimming Massager Black 倍熱®低週波治療器


$208.88 $250.00


burner®Low frequency treatment device- Hello Kitty Slimming Massager

3D Digital Low frequency treatment/Slimming device
4 Pads 10 Modes

船井低周波治療器 隋棠S號腰身迷你燃燒脂肪按摩器材

  • Relaxing muscles and joints

  • Aiding in healthy weight loss

  • Enhancing circulation system of body

  • Eliminating physical fatigue and pain caused by long-time work.

  • 3D Beauty Exercise

  • Body Firming

● 日本醫學博士 清水昭 醫師協助研發
● 一機雙效:TENS-舒緩、放鬆;EMS-肌肉鍛練
● 運動深層肌肉、深層核心訓練、訓練核心肌群
● 內建12種專業程式可針對部位深層律動
● 人體圖部位顯示,專業訓練更簡單


Low frequency treatment device that helps release stress and tenseness to create slimmer body figures. Can be used as a whole body massage to release stress, relax the body, and create attractive figures. A medical device that is easy to carry around, which makes you feel like having a personal masseuse that is able to provide you with massage-like sensations anytime, anywhere. Relaxation to the whole body makes your whole family healthy and energetic so everyone can live each day to its fullest.


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船井 Hello Kitty活力動感機 - 正確使用方式
船井 Hello Kitty活力動感機 - 主機及傳導貼片保存方式
船井 Hello Kitty活力動感機 - 搭配強力動感腰腹帶
船井 Hello Kitty活力動感機 - 簡易故障排除方式
船井 Hello Kitty活力動感機 - 購買通路


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