Funcare® Lutein Blue Light Patent Capsule⭐ 船井葉黃素藍光專利膠囊


$38.88 $46.99


Funcare® Lutein Blue Light Patent Capsule

60 Capsules/Box
Take 2 Capsules a day
For Men & Women 12 yr old above
Suitable for Vegetarian

18 times defense blue light
All day protection

Healthier and Sharper View For 3C User


  • 👓Natural Protection Against BLUE LIGHT
  • 👓Reduces eye strain due to prolonged use of digital device
  • 👓Protect retinal cells against oxidative stress
  • 👓Replenishes MPOD and supports healthy vision
  • 👓Reduces eye redness
  • 👓Hydrates eyes
  • 👓Supports healthy blood circulation in eyes
  • 👓May help reduce risk of age-related eye conditions
  • 👓Added with Vitamin A, E , Zinc 
  • 👓Rejuvenate Vision
  • 👓Brighter Eyes/Enlarge Pupil
  • 👓Soothe Tired Eyes
  • 👓For Students, Mobile, Computer, White Hair, Poor Vision Group
  • 👓Awarded “Trusted Medical Product” by Japan’s Noguchi Institute of Medical Research


                          ★美國FDA 食品藥物管理局核准GRAS安全認證
                          ★榮獲日本野口醫學研究所 醫學信賴金獎
                          ★葉黃素:玉米黃素 美國國家研究配方10mg:2mg

                          Funcare Lutein Blue Light Patent | Bronze Award Monde Selection 2020

                          Dr. James Meschino Lutein: Amazing nutrient for your eyes


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