BHK's Patented Glucosamine HCl【Joint Health】 ⭐ 專利葡萄糖胺錠【行動敏捷】


$29.99 $34.99


BHK's Patented Glucosamine HCl【Joint Health】

90 Tablets/Bottle
Take 3 Tablets at once before meal
For Men & Women
Suitable for Vegetarian

Put Some Life Back In Your Joints

💪This Product Helps in Flexibility, Lubrication, Strength


  • *Effective Absorption & High Concentration & High Purity
  • *Ease your joint pain and renew cartilage
  • *Increase joint mobility and slow down degeneration of articular cartilage
  • *Contains vitamin C that is vital for the body to manufacture collagen
  • *Consists of vitamin D to enhance calcium absorption 

BHK's 專利葡萄糖胺錠 (90粒/瓶)【行動敏捷】

關鍵靈活 完整滋補


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