funcare burner® Ultra Metabolism Boost Organic Slimming Coffee⭐倍熱® 超代謝珈啡


$22.88 $28.88


burner® Ultra Metabolism Boost Organic Slimming Coffee
(1 box 10 packets)

  • Transform double the calories into energy!

  • Made with HIGH-quality, ORGANIC Gold Arabica coffee beans known for their strong aroma!

  • 100% natural plant extract (No Preservatives, No Fillers, No Colorings)

  • High Levels of Antioxidants 

  • Metabolism Booster

  • Lower Blood Sugar & Cholesterol

  • Suppress Appetite

  • Block Absorption of Fats & Carbohydrates

  • Ease Water Retention

  • Smooth Bowel Movements

  • Award Winning!!

burner倍熱 超代謝咖啡(1盒10入)

  • 日本健康權威-阿部博幸博士研發

  • AX 3胜肽×促進新陳代謝

  • 綠瑪黛×調節生理機能

  • 低糖輕卡×濃郁香醇

  • 添加菊苣纖維,增加飽足,使排便順暢

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