funcare burner® Superlative Svelte Herbal Slimming Formula Tablet⭐倍熱® 健字號極纖錠


$40.99 $80.00


burner® Superlative Svelte Herbal Slimming Formula Tablet

15 packets/box (Each Packet 4 tablets)
Take 1 Packet 30 min before meal
Recommended 2 packets a day
For Men & Women 16 yr old above

Increases metabolism Reduces hunger

Proven & Tested To Shrink Fat Cells!!

Endorse By Taiwan Health Authority


  • Complete Body Metabolic Management Formula…Plus a brand new upgrade!
  • Naturally enjoy slimming down, while your urge to eat decreases
  • Ignite your metabolism to decrease the burden on your body
  • 3 Global and 143 Internationally-certified Exclusive Patented Ingredients
  • Japanese health authorities MD, Hiroyuki Abe¸ from Asian Physique design
  • Identified as a product by the Noguchi Medical Research Institute in Japan
  • Noguchi Medical Research Institute – the Trusted Medical Product Gold Award
  • Certificate of Quality from 101 medical doctors and 200 hospitals in the Global.
  • Testified by 27 research articles, recorded in 25 literatures. Clinically tested by human.
船井®burner®倍熱® 健字號極纖錠 60顆入
  • 國家認證健康食品 
  • 國家認證-不易形成體脂肪
  • 台、日、韓三國認證 品質有保障
  • 獨家E.T.F.三重黃金代謝配方
  • 熱銷超過千萬盒 健康代謝領導品牌
  • 體脂肪大挑戰 100%有感

     Chinese Translation

    burner倍熱 極孅錠窈身一變

    • 國家認證健康食品 降低最多體脂率
    • 日本野口醫學博士-阿部博幸博士研發
    • 經雙重實驗證實
    • 啟動全日深層代謝
    • 長效持續代謝 負擔自然減少
    • 第一支台日韓三國認證健康窈窕輔助食品
    • 藤黃果+瑪黛茶+瓜拿納,促進代謝
    • 嚴選歐、美、日、韓各國專利認證成份
    • 日本野口醫學研究所-醫學信賴金獎 
    • 堅持植物原萃,濃縮完美比例菁華

    【船井burner極纖錠】 2018年 一袋女王 黃金配方減輕負擔

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