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Funcare burner® Ultra White Kidney Beans Food Strategy Capsules ⭐船井burner特濃白腎豆


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burner® Food Strategy Ultra White Kidney Beans Capsules

Super Carbohydrates Blocker🍨Burn Fats🧁Block Calories🍭

Special Concentrated white kidney beans, green coffee ® Capsules

Best when you indulge in 🍧Sweet Desserts, 🍝Pasta, 🥔Potatoes, 🍙Rice, 🍜Noodles, 🍹Sugary cocktails beverages 

  • 8.9 times more concentrated then all other brands.
  • 20,000 units of high activity white kidney beans 
  • Green Coffee beans promote metabolism
  • Garcinia Cambogia HCA heat conversion
  • Patent konjac enhance satiety

★ Specialize to block rice, pasta, sweets, dessert, cocktail drinks lovers
Regulate the intake of dietary starches and sugars, suitable for Asians for rice, pasta-based diet , especially sugary beverages and sweets desserts lovers; 
★Daily lunch and dinner 1 capsule five minutes before meal, easy to diet, enjoy food without burden.
★Each Capsules inhabits 600 calories from Starch
★While Green coffee helps to burn fats after you eat.



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