burner® Food Strategy Ultra White Kidney Beans 30 Capsules/船井burner特濃白腎豆


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burner® Food Strategy Ultra White Kidney Beans Capsules

Super Carbohydrates Blocker/Burn Fats/Block Calories

burner®倍熱® 特濃白腎豆膠囊
burner® Special Concentrated white kidney beans, green coffee ® Capsules

Best when you indulge in Sweet Desserts, Pasta n Potatoes , Rice n Noodles , Sugary cocktails beverages 


8.9 times more concentrated then all other brands.
20,000 units of high activity white kidney beans 

Green Coffee beans promote metabolism
Garcinia Cambogia HCA heat conversion
Patent konjac enhance satiety

★ Specialize to block rice, pasta, sweets, dessert, cocktail drinks lovers ★
Regulate the intake of dietary starches and sugars, suitable for Asians for rice, pasta-based diet , especially sugary beverages and sweets desserts lovers; 
Daily lunch and dinner 1 capsule five minutes before meal, easy to diet, enjoy food without burden.
Each Capsules inhabits 600 calories from Starch
While Green coffee helps to burn fats after you eat.


2. 藤黃果萃取
4. 栗子抽出物
5. 菸鹼酸鉻
8. 適用族群:東方人飲食、喜歡澱粉類、米食、麵包、喜歡甜食、飲料


1. White kidney bean extract

2. Garcinia cambogia extract

Modify dietary habit and control calories.

3. Green coffee beans
Promote metabolism and maintain body shape.

4. Chestnut extract
Extract from chestnut peel, popular in Japan.

5. Niacin bound chromium.

6. Vegetarian.

7. Funcare provides world-class products that are safe, healthy, and scientifically tested. A brand that you can trust!

8. Suitable for: Eastern diets, those who enjoy starchy foods, rice, bread, desserts, and beverages.

These safe products are designed to support healthy diet management and provide convenience.

Introducing an enhanced carboh n sugar blocker from the Burner Food Strategy Series.







Ingredients: Garcinia cambogia extract, oat extract, green coffee extract, white kidney bean extract, chestnut extract, konjac extract (patented konjac), and niacin bound chromium.

Direction for use: Take 1 capsule daily at 5-10 minutes before lunch and dinner with 250c.c. of warm water.

Content: 500mg, 30 capsules

1. Not suitable for children younger than 12 years old, pregnant women, those with poor digestive function or severe illness. 
2. Please store in cool, dry places away from the reach of children.

* This product has 50 million dollar Product Liability Insurance coverage by Taiwan Fubon.

International Certification


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