burner®Food Strategy Plus Capsule☆Gudetama Limited edition☆船井倍熱食事對策膠囊加強版PLUS


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burner®Food Strategy Plus Capsule (Super Enhance with Turmeric & Kelp)

Gudetama Limited edition

☆Block Carbohydrates/Calories/Sugar/Oil/Fats

Just 5 mins before foodAll Natural Ingredients

●Emergency strategy for digesting large meals. 

Enjoy delicious food without worry.

●Rapid discharge. Obstructs absorption within 5 minutes.  

Original caloric-adjustment formula
(30 g oils and fats↘80% sugars↘80% carbohydrates↘).

●Must-have product for business dinners and gatherings. 

FiberTrim Patented Konjac→ Enhances 4X Satiation

●Patented chitin is quickly dissolved in bile acid. Can be consumed before, after and in the middle of meals; promotes body metabolism.

Stimulates intestinal peristalsis for smoother bowel movement.

●Modifies eating habits to easily maintain calories.

642 International Test Reports, 125 Patent Ingredients

Japan Noguchi Award Recommend

船井 倍熱®食事對策膠囊加強版PLUS(蛋黃哥版) 28入
☆蛋黃哥獨家授權 超萌搶先上市
☆餐前、餐中、餐後隨時攔截 享受美食清爽無負擔 
☆海洋多酚、菸鹼酸鉻、鎂全新填加 有助於維持醣類、能量正常代謝
☆642項國際安心檢驗 125國專利成分

※ All funcare products have been insured with a 50-million-dollar product liability insurance in Taiwan provided by the Fubon Financial Group

Totally Natural Ingredients Endorsed by Health Authority

Celebrities & Beauty TV Shows Highly Recommended

Hot Selling in Hong Kong SaSa & Mannings 

LIMITED EDITION GUDETAMA WHILE STOCK LAST!!!Real Reviews/TV Shows/Magazine and Effect of funcare slimming products

Your Calories CalculatorChinese Translation


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