BHK's Patented Vitex Chaste Berry Extract Veg【Regular Period】⭐ 專利聖潔莓 素食膠囊


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BHK's Patented Vitex Chaste Berry Extract Veg Capsule【Regular Period】

60 capsules/box 
Take 1 Capsule A Day
For Women 18 yr old above
Suitable for Vegan

A Traditional Mediterranean Remedy Since 2500 years ago!!
Clinically Proven, Tested & Patented

Smooth & Comfortable Monthly Period


  • *Vitex has been traditionally used to regulate menstrual cycle
  • *To treat premenstrual syndromes (PMS) including constipation, irritability,
  •   cramps, breast pain and sensitivity
  • *Relieve symptoms of menopause
  • *Solve infertility issues
  • *Overcome reproductive system problems
  • *Clears Up Acne

BHK's 專利聖潔莓 素食膠囊 (60粒/盒)【調準生理】

專利聖潔莓 簡介

生理步調 自然順暢
【體內平衡 月月規律】


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