BHK's Luxury-Light Brightening Skincare Series(Full Set of 6)⭐美體保養系類


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BHK's Luxury Light Brightening Skincare Series (Full set of 6)

1) BHK's Luxury-light brightening makeup remover 120ml
2) BHK's Luxury-light brightening Cleansing/Mask mud 120g
3) BHK's Luxury-light brightening essence toner 120ml
4) BHK's Luxury-light brightening essence serum 30ml
5) BHK's Luxury-light brightening body lotion 120ml
6) BHK's GSH Extravagant Light Whitening Mask 5pcs/box

Experience The AQUA MAGIC

Using Premium Natural & Organic Ingredients
You Deserve Only the Luxury Pampering on Every Inch of Your Skin

Brightening x Anti-Aging x Hydrating x Lightening

BHK's Luxury-light brightening essence toner 120mlBHK's Luxury-light brightening essence serum 30mlBHK's Luxury-light brightening makeup remover 120mlBHK's Luxury-light brightening Cleansing/Mask mud 120gBHK's Luxury-light brightening body lotion 120mlBHK's GSH Extravagant Light Whitening Mask 5pcs/boxBloggers Photos & Review
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