BHK's Essence of Crimson Cranberry Concentrate Plus Probiotics⭐紅萃蔓越莓益生菌


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BHK's Essence of Crimson Cranberry Concentrate Plus Probiotics Tablets

🍒North American Patented Cranberry Essence
🍒One pill per day - highest concentration of cranberry goodness proportion (34:1)
🍒Added With Probiotics & Vitamin C
🍒Exclusive Bio-Shield and Timer Released Technique
🍒Effectively Sustained Release delivery for 16 hours of Protection
🍒Protect maintain women’s most intimate health
🍒Prevent Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
🍒Probiotics Help fight yeast infections
🍒Maintain healthy pH levels.
🍒Anti-inflammatory to reduce itching, burning and redness
🍒Help reduce bacterial growth
🍒High Cholesterol Remedy 
🍒Improves Cardiovascular Health
🍒Avoids Respiratory Infections
🍒Strengthens Bones and Teeth
🍒Prevents Kidney Stones
🍒Treats Peptic ulcers
🍒Prevents Scurvy
🍒Skin Whitening🍒Antioxidant🍒Anti Aging
🍒Cancer Prevention
🍒No Chemical All Natural Ingredients

BHK's 紅萃蔓越莓益生菌

台灣藝人、名模、部落客 使用後一致推薦!

特濃專利蔓越莓 清爽舒適

效果加乘 守護私密處、保持舒爽

  • 100%台灣生產 原廠直送
  • 純營養滋潤 ▶ 增加體內好箘
  • 活性花青素 ▶ 強化身體防護能量
  • 深釋腸溶型 ▶ 保護營養不被胃酸破壞
  • 34倍濃縮 紅萃蔓越莓 X 益生箘



▌女性消費者一致認可 ▌

Dr.James Meschino cranberry intake reduces urinary tract infections. 

Dr. Josh Axe on Cranberry Benefits

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