BHK’s Advanced Collagen Plus Tablets/裸耀膠原蛋白錠


$19.99 $28.00


BHK’s Advanced Collagen Plus Tablets
The 1st Advance Collagen Formulation with Controlled Release Technology
100% Fully Absorption
100% No Wastage
100% No Stomach Acid Damage

1 Bottle Sold Every 30 Seconds!!!
Grab It Before It's Sold Out Again

★High Recommended by Bloggers/Actresses
★ Improve skin elasticity, hydration, and skin condition
★ Maintain healthy bones and teeth, promote calcium absorption
★ Added with Vitamin C & E
★ Premium Patented Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides
★ No Fishy Smell
★ No.1 Best Seller in Cosmed Taiwan
  • Efficacy:
    • Low molecule size
    • Low calorie
    • High absorption
    • High purity
  • 100% Natural & Safe
    • No hormones, steroids & chemicals
    • No artificial colouring & flavouring
    • No preservatives
    • No Trans Fat

BHK’ s—裸耀膠原蛋白錠第二代♥ 眾美模齊推的首選保養


深釋型膠原蛋白;突破以往 高效率吸收 X 3大講究強化吸收率

1. 低分子魚膠原胜肽

2. 深釋導入技術

3. 維他命C加強作用


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