[BeautyDIY] Red Wine Hydra Gel Mask☆牛爾紅酒多酚保濕面膜


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[BeautyDIY] Red Wine Hydra Mask

☆Whitening/Anti Oxidation/ Hyaluronic Acid/Moisturizing/Firming



 Recommended by Taiwan Variety Show 女人我最大 QUEEN! (牛爾 Niu-Er) 120ml

Natural red wine extract which is rich in antioxidant polyphenol constituents to maintain skin's health. 

At the same time gelatinous moisturizing mask containing moisturising hyaluronic acid (保濕玻尿酸) composition, with the rapid replenishment of the efficacy of Vitamin C, which has whitening and moisturizing effects, it gives your skin a healthy and radiant skin! This is a multi-effect mask and can be use frequently!

This is the one made extremely popular by celebrity Da S from Taiwan. An all-rounder performer for skincare, this mask retains and boost the moisture to another level. Red wine scented, of cos.

This is a hot sale item! Red wine mask has outstanding whitening, anti-oxidation, effective moisturizing and skin firming effect.

An affordable and good facial mask that can be used daily. = )  
Suitable for people with dry skin, those prone to freckles.
 It’s recommended to use before your important date, for the supple skin and radiant look.

 A lot of girls dunno abt the brand Beauty Diy. well, cos it's not sold in singapore! 

it's a brand created by the famous beauty 'teacher', niu er, the man above, who always appeared in taiwan female show 女人我最大 QUEEN! 

Applying this mask at night feels like i am chilling out! 

Imagine, the burst of red wine essense on your face! So it’s feeling good! 

 Have you watched this biore facial wash advertisement on tv before? 

After using this mask, I can feel a Boing-biong~ feeling on my face! 

It’ s so supple and radiant! You feel as if your skin is pumped up!


The high amounts of anti-oxidants present in Red Wine have always been known to have been highly beneficial for our health.

 Imagine a glass of red wine specially catered for your skin and the benefits it could have for you?

Red Wine Hydrating Mask from BeautyDIY consist of rich anti-oxidant polyphenols which nourishes and supplements your skin to protect and give it a radiant and ever-glowing skin. 

Along with its Sodium Hyaluronate and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate ingredients, you will have moisturized skin which is flawless, radiant and glowing with health

紅酒當中富含葡萄多酚成分,不僅對身體有益,近年來也成為皮膚保養的聖品。這款 凝膠狀的面膜除了含有抗氧化的紅酒多酚成分,還添加保濕玻尿酸,是一款可以天天使用的面膜,可以幫助膚質維持健康穩定,保持紅潤透亮的完美肌質。天然紅酒 萃取含有豐富的抗氧化多酚成分,維持肌膚的健康。同時凝膠狀的面膜含有保濕的玻尿酸成分,具有迅速補水的功效,添加維他命C磷酸鎂,具有持續美白的功效。 是一款可以經常使用的多功效面膜!


Ingredients & Functions
Red Wine Polyphenol, Green Tea Extract

Contains rich antioxidants to protect your skin from radicals which enhances your skin to be more resistant to environmental radicals. Gives your skin a rosy, radiant and glowing complexion 

Sodium Hyaluronate
Strong moisturizing capabilities which soothes your skin. Restores and maintains skin moisture content
Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate
A water soluble derivative of vitamin C which is readily absorbed into your skin. Consist of anti-oxidants which boost skin collagen synthesis and protect your skin against UV radiation. Whitens and balances uneven skin tones

Vitamin A
Improves skin Elasticity and minimizes pores 

Osmanthus essential oil
Fragrant aroma to entice the senses while you are using the mask

Ginko Extract

Taken from the roots of mulberry plant. Stabilizes the condition of the skin and stabilizes sensitive skin condition







※添加高效保濕、強力鎖水的玻尿酸,滋潤每吋乾燥、枯萎的肌膚,長效補給水分、維持老廢角質的正常代謝,同時完成補水、儲水、鎖水,形成保水網,隨時呈現水潤緊緻的ㄉㄨㄞ ㄉㄨㄞ好臉色。




◎        紅酒多酚萃取:帶有天然的紅色色澤,具有增強肌膚抵抗力,協助肌膚抗老化,使肌膚恢復紅潤與光澤氣色的美膚成分。
◎        綠茶葉萃取:協助紅酒多酚的抗老化成分,含有兒茶素,能夠幫助肌膚維持健康光澤。
◎        桂花精油:淡淡的花香氣息,能使敷臉的同時感到自然的愉悅感受。
◎        玻尿酸:保水效果堪稱保濕天王成分,對肌膚溫和不易刺激,適合所有膚質使用的最佳保濕產品成分。
◎        甘油:加強保濕,溫和保濕因子,能持續加強肌膚潤澤。
◎        維他命C磷酸鎂:一種穩定狀態的維他命C衍生物,能發揮美白、抗老化,均勻膚色的保養效果。
◎        桑葉萃取:可改善暗沉,溫和的淨白調理肌膚。
◎        維他命A:維他命A酯。穩定而不易刺激的維他命A衍生物,能夠緊緻肌膚,幫助維持毛孔緊緻。
保存期限2 年
1. 若使用時有以下症狀,請停止使用,並諮詢肌膚科醫師意見:
2. 請盡量避免將產品使用於傷口、紅腫及濕疹等肌膚異常部位。
3. 敏感性肌膚請先做好肌膚測試,待沒有過敏反應後即可使用。
4. 使用時避開眼睛,若不慎滲入眼睛內部,請以大量清水沖洗
5. 請置於孩童及嬰兒拿不到的地方,不可食用。
6. 產品未拆封可以保存三年,但為達最佳保養效果,建議產品拆封之後儘速於6個月之內使用完畢。
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