USA BLUEQQ Portable Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer 700ml/1000ml Bottle/Cartridge★天然礦物質鹼性離子水


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USA BLUEQQ Portable Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer

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The Cartridge Stick can be put into any kind of bottle 500ML above, any design you like. You can even put the cartridge into your home water jar.
1200 Refills per cartridge, you can use as long as a year!!!!!!

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Ultimate Portable Alkaline Water IonizerWHAT IS BLUEQQ?
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Why do you Need BlueQQ

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- Do Not use non-drinkable or polluted Water
- After you refill 1,200 times, a cartridge change is needed  (9~11 months)
- Do not use with hot water. Warm water is fine (over 60 C)
- Do not use with freezer
- The Effectiveness and the duration of the cartridge depend on the type of water being used
- You may notice small particles in the water during use. They are natural minerals which are harmless
- To Clean the bottle, pour about 20cc vinegar into the bottle filling up to 2/3 of the bottle and please shake it several times


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BlueQQ is scientifically provided in many countries

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Our price is way much cheaper than original price due to special agreement with BlueQQ HQ

BlueQQ is exporting to 27 countries all over the world. 
There are 3 factories in Korea 

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