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Funcare® Golden Collagen + Ceramide (Hello Kitty Limited Edition)⭐船井金潤膠原蛋白粉


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Funcare® Golden Collagen Added with Ceramide (Hello Kitty Limited Edition)

  • 🎀Hello Kitty Limited Edition Added with Ceramide
  • 🎀Smart Collagen High efficiency
  • 🎀Multi-national Patented Ingredients
  • 🎀Highly Recommended by 女人我最大/Bloggers/Actresses
  • 🎀Improve skin elasticity, hydration, and skin condition - Added with Vitamin C, Lotus Seed Extract, Pomelo Extract 
  • 🎀Maintain healthy bones and teeth, promote calcium absorption Added Calcium & Vitamin K, Glucosamine
  • 🎀Improve bowel movements added with ProBiotics
  • 🎀Only 27.5 Kcal Per Serving Low Calories No Weight Gain
  • 🎀Guarantee the Best Collagen U Ever Taste 
  • 🎀1 Spoon = 5,500mg Collagen, super high concentration
  • 🎀180 Daltons, Super Fast Absorption
  • 🎀High Grade Premium French Deep Sea Marine Fish Collagen


感謝『 WTO姊妹會』 、『今晚誰當家』、『2分之一強』節目推薦
Hello Kitty膠原蛋白:

🎀Hello kitty獨家授權。

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