Non-greasy No Clog Pores Sun Screen

🌞Applying sunscreen can be a big hassle- it’s thick, difficult to blend in and.. it makes ur hands and face greasy and clog up the pores🤦🏻‍♀ 
🌞[Fay Jardin UV Cut Sunscreen Spray] makes applying sunscreen much easier (especially on hard to reach areas)😏
 Non-greasy No Clog Pores
 Protect in 3 Sec No Wait Time
 Whitens & Moisturises skin
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超微粒『3秒速吸』輕薄透氣不黏膩!! 『可防水』上山、下水都安心
2%傳明酸美白成分,防曬兼美白 ★『超清爽』玻尿酸,強化保濕

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