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Finally arrived at Bluemoon Secrets Chamber

Newly Yummy Launch today!!!!!!

burner® Meal Replacement light congee

●Specifically formulated for healthy weight loss.

●Enriched with fibre, vitamins & minerals, the low carb, high protein recipes are delicious and filling.

●Boost metabolism

●Replace your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack or Supper!Anytime Anywhere!

●Innovative Vacuum Freeze-drying Technology, RETAIN 100% original freshness, flavor, aroma, texture and nutrients

●Only 47kcal per meal

●Fast, easy, Light, ready in 3 min

●No Preservatives, No Msg, No transfat, No colorings

●Ideal for anyone looking to lose weight, cut calories and Carbohydrates without sacrificing quality and taste.

●This product has been insured with a 50-million-dollar product liability insurance in Taiwan provided by the Fubon Financial Group

船井burner 輕快粥
日本營養學會權威 工藤一彥博士研發
每包45-47kcal‧輕卡×高纖, 微卡輕食無負擔

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