Best Whitening Cream we tried!!

Fay Jardin White Cream For Knees Elbow UnderarmSpot Whitening Cream 60ml

Highly raved in Taiwan!

  • Summer Must Have!!
  • Gentle yet highly effective whitening cream
  • Lightens and evens out excessively dark areas of the body 
  • Best for underarms, groin, bikini line and elbows. 
  • No. 1 Taiwan Spot whitening Cream

Luxurious cream makes use of  Organic Edelweiss Flower that brightens up skin with continued use and Argan nut oil that soothe and condition for softer and smoother skin.

For best results, apply an even layer of cream on areas of concern.

Fay Jardin 小白花肘膝美白遮瑕霜 升級版60ml


 解决脱毛引起的暗黑? YES!

赶赴约会/婚礼/聚会需要紧急美白? YES!


  • 美白再升級,全新成分
  • 添加小白花幫助肌膚新生
  • 蜜拉植物油補充水分保濕
  • 摩洛哥堅果油鎖水
  • 針對厚角質部位設計

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